Latex Heart Rainbow Balloons | 12"

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Rainbow coloured heart shaped latex balloons. Great to show your support #NHS

Air fill or add helium gas.

Once inflated with helium gas, they can float for 8-12 hours.¬†ūüéą
For best presentation, we recommend inflating your balloons 1-2 hours before the event for maximum wow factor. 
  • Size:¬†12 inch¬†
  • Finish:¬†Standard
  • Material:¬†Latex
  • Shape:¬†Heart
  • Sent in a pack of assorted gorgeous colours.
  • Supplied flat and un-inflated - ready to inflated by you for any occasion!
  • Colours may differ slightly from the images.¬†

We have a selection of helium canisters available as well as hand pumps. If you need advice or are unsure, feel free to contact our friendly balloon boffins for some advice!