Biodegradable Balloons


Biodegradable Balloons

Let’s Talk Balloons. Our manufacturing parent are called Greenbrook for a reason - we’re here to make people smile and to keep the environment safe while we do so. Our Balloons are natural latex, an organic material which is the product of the rubber tree sap, which makes them fully biodegradable and a friendly alternative. They’re manufactured locally in the UK.

Latex balloons decompose around the same rate as an oak tree leaf (6 months).
We encourage you to recycle your balloons where possible - disposing of latex balloons in a compost or in a landfill will allow it to decompose naturally and return to the earth.

Up, up and away

Below, we have a Best Balloon Release Practice Guide and Checklist on how to release balloons safely and in an environmentally friendly way.
We also supply fully biodegradable balloon ties to ensure there is no impact to the environment.

Never use metallic pigment balloons (even latex) and make sure they’re never larger than  12”.

Couple your balloons with helium - when the balloon reaches a certain height, the helium will break the balloon down into smaller pieces, which makes it easier for the balloon to decompose.

Never release foil balloons. Foil balloons are not biodegradable and therefore unsuitable for balloon releases. We always recommend weighing them. However, Foil Balloons can be reused and reused and topped up with helium or air time and time again. Pass the gift of a good balloon on! Remember when it comes to balloon releases foil spoils.